What are the State Laws Regarding Kratom?

Kratom has been around for thousands of years.  In fact, it has been used medicinally in the regions of Southeast Asia to which it is native.  It’s only really traveled to our part of the world recently, but already, it’s proven to be a hugely successful market thanks to the fascinating properties within its alkaloids, which promise to help with everything from stress to pain.

Despite its popularity in the United States, kratom remains something of a controversial product, largely due to the potentially heavy effects it can provide to the body.  Therefore, it’s natural that many people are hesitant to try it because they’re not quite sure whether or not it’s legal where they live.

Still, it’s hard to deny that kratom is rapidly growing in popularity throughout America, and that more people are turning to it to manage their unique situations on a daily basis.

What is Kratom?

Kratom is the dried leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa plant that grows abundantly in Thailand, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries.  The leaves possess a unique variety of alkaloids that may offer strong effects to the human system, both physically and mentally.  It comes in various forms, including the straight powder, along with capsules, tinctures, beverages and more.

Is Kratom Federally Legal?

Kratom remains an unregulated industry within the United States, which means that there is currently no governing body tasked with ensuring that it is produced to certain standards.  Further, kratom has not been outlawed by the federal government, although there has been more and more push from legislators to move it to the list of classified substances in recent years.  However, as of now, kratom is officially legal under federal law.

Kratom Laws by State

Now, here’s where things get tricky.  Some states have decided to make kratom illegal, while others have restricted how it can be purchased and sold.  So, let’s break down each state’s kratom laws so that you can know where you stand according to where you live.

Before we begin, however, there’s one important thing that needs to be taken into account.  Because kratom is so new, there is a tendency for the laws to change suddenly, especially on a state level.  And, as we said, there is discussion of criminalizing it federally.  Therefore, while this list is comprehensive and provides the latest information according to state, by the time you read this, you may find that the law has changed.  This is why you should double-check with your local legislators, as well as federal legislation regarding kratom, before investing in kratom products.

Is Kratom Legal in Alabama?

Kratom is illegal in Alabama.

Is Kratom Legal in Alaska?

CBD flower is legal under state law.

Is Kratom Legal in Arizona?

Kratom is legal in Alaska.

Is Kratom Legal in Arkansas?

Kratom is illegal in Arkansas.

Is Kratom Legal in California?

Kratom is legal in California, with the exception of San Diego.

Is Kratom Legal in Colorado?

Kratom is legal in Colorado, with the exception of Denver.

Is Kratom Legal in Connecticut?

Kratom is legal in Connecticut.

Is Kratom Legal in Delaware?

Kratom is legal in Delware.

Is Kratom Legal in Florida?

Kratom is legal in Florida, with the exception of Sarasota County.

Is Kratom Legal in Georgia?

Kratom is legal in Georgia.

Is Kratom Legal in Hawaii?

Kratom is legal in Hawaii.

Is Kratom Legal in Idaho?

Kratom is legal in Idaho.

Is Kratom Legal in Illinois?

Kratom is illegal in Illinois, except for the city of Jerseyville, as long as you are 18 or older.

Is Kratom Legal in Indiana?

Kratom is illegal in Indiana.

Is Kratom Legal in Iowa?

Kratom is legal in Iowa.

Is Kratom Legal in Kansas?

Kratom is legal in Kansas.

Is Kratom Legal in Kentucky?

Kratom is legal in Kentucky.

Is Kratom Legal in Louisiana?

Kratom is legal in Louisiana.

Is Kratom Legal in Maine?

Kratom is legal in Maine.

Is Kratom Legal in Maryland?

Kratom is legal in Maryland.

Is Kratom Legal in Massachusetts?

Kratom is legal in Massachusetts.

Is Kratom Legal in Michigan?

Kratom is legal in Michigan.

Is Kratom Legal in Minnesota?

Kratom is legal in Minnesota.

Is Kratom Legal in Mississippi?

Kratom is legal in Mississippi, with the exception of Union Country.

Is Kratom Legal in Missouri?

Kratom is legal in Missouri.

Is Kratom Legal in Montana?

Kratom is legal in Montana.

Is Kratom Legal in Nebraska?

Kratom is legal in Nebraska.

Is Kratom Legal in Nevada?

Kratom is legal in Nevada.

Is Kratom Legal in New Hampshire?

Kratom is legal if you are over 18 in New Hampshire.

Is Kratom Legal in New Jersey?

Kratom is legal in New Jersey.

Is Kratom Legal in New Mexico?

Kratom is legal in New Mexico.

Is Kratom Legal in New York?

Kratom is legal in New York.

Is Kratom Legal in North Carolina?

Kratom is legal in North Carolina.

Is Kratom Legal in North Dakota?

Kratom is legal in North Dakota.

Is Kratom Legal in Ohio?

Kratom is legal in Ohio.

Is Kratom Legal in Oklahoma?

Kratom is legal in Oklahoma.

Is Kratom Legal in Oregon?

Kratom is legal in Oregon.

Is Kratom Legal in Pennsylvania?

Kratom is legal in Pennsylvania.

Is Kratom Legal in Rhode Island?

Kratom is illegal in Rhode Island.

Is Kratom Legal in South Carolina?

Kratom is legal in South Carolina.

Is Kratom Legal in South Dakota?

Kratom is legal in South Dakota.

Is Kratom Legal in Tennessee?

Kratom is legal in Tennessee, if you are 21 or older.

Is Kratom Legal in Texas?

Kratom is legal in Texas.

Is Kratom Legal in Utah?

Kratom is legal in Utah.

Is Kratom Legal in Vermont?

Kratom is illegal in Vermont.

Is Kratom Legal in Virginia?

Kratom is legal in Virginia.

Is Kratom Legal in Washington?

Kratom is legal in Washington.

Is Kratom Legal in West Virginia?

Kratom is legal in West Virginia.

Is Kratom Legal in Wisconsin?

Kratom is illegal in Wisconsin.

Is Kratom Legal in Wyoming?

Kratom is legal in Wyoming.

Note: Not all states allow for the use of kratom, so before you try to invest in a product, you’ll need to make sure that your state does allow for it to be used.  Kratom cannot be legally shipped to states in which it is illegal.  Also, remember that the laws regarding kratom use can change, so always check for the latest information in your state.

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