Zion Herbals Kratom Tincture 15ml

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Zion Herbals Kratom Tincture “Gold Reserve” 15ml

Zion Herbals Kratom Tincture is above the rest of the pack when it comes down to results. It is best for energy, sleep, pain relief, and any other use for kratom. Unlike other kratom brands that have you take your kratom in a powder form. Or even a liquid or capsule form. We have done things a little different.

We have created a technique that allows us to take our kratom in a oil. Like a regular tincture, all you have to do is place a few drops under your tongue. Then you will feel the results in no time. Since it gets absorbed in your mouth it can reach your system faster than ingesting it. It can serve as a quick and effecient way to get your dose of kratom hwerever you go.

There are few drawbacks to choosing to dose with liquid kratom as opposed to its powdered or pill form. Liquid extract is highly concentrated which means it takes far less volume to achieve the desired effects of your favorite strain. It is compact and easy to take on the go and involves no special preparation. And the taste can be rather pleasant!