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TKO CBD Hemp Flower industrial hemp flower at 150mg CBD. It is tasty, smooth & packs a powerful punch.

TKO CBD Hemp Flower is a fantastic choice for those who enjoy smoking their oregano. This Hemp Flower is like marijuana but it contains more CBD then THC, the active chemical that gets you high. Instead the high concentrations of CBD can help contribute to the overall health of your body.

One of the coolest parts of hemp flower is that you can roll it and smoke it exactly as you would with marijuana. Bongs, pipes, and rolling papers galore, this hemp flower can be smoked out of all of them. Hemp Flower can even be smoke it through fruits, soda cans, and anything else that someone with ingenuity can make up.

Because of the high concentrations of CBD, Hemp Flower is fantastic for using in medical purposes. This product can be used for anything CBD can heal.

TKO Hemp Flower contain small traces of THC. For example this product is under 0.3% THC and legal in all 50 states. That is to say It is not intended as an alternative or replacement for any illegal substance. Please use responsibly.

Warning: can cause you to fail a drug test.

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