Green Elephant Kratom Shot


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Green Elephant Kratom Shot. We called our product green elephent because of the size of trees we great our kratom from. We the ground our kratom until it is as fine as sugar powder. Elephant Kratom is sourced from the same location and harvested at the peak of maturity. Then it ground to the consistency of powdered sugar. The kratom then processed and placed into large vats. In which we mix in alcohol and ethanol to eat away the plant material leaving nothing but alkaloids, vitamins, and minerals.

After than we boil the solution to remove all traces of the chemicals from thee vats. Then, we test the product to make sure there is no more alcohol and ethanol. We also test it to see if any other containment made it in without our knowledge. The kratom then packaged and sold. Where it then enjoyed by our loyal customers. This product is a great choice among kratom users.

Green Elephant Kratom Shot makes the strongest Extract on the market. Our 250x tincture is extracted using CO2 and a proprietary UV lighting process to extact the maximum beneficial compounds.

try our most potent and pure form. 250x Extract comes in a 7 mL vial.


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