Here at Gold Dust Kratom we hand select every product that we carry. We are passionate about Kratom and all its benefits. We are here to provide the best selection of Kratom available on the market.

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  1. Can I get a better deal on the Vivazen powder feel it fast maend da? I will buy a lot of it. I’ve found that I like it the best.

  2. Vivazen Maeng Da Kratom is amazeballs, and ive tried alot of different vendors. I prefer yours head and shoulders above the rest. Keep the love alive!!! 🙂

  3. Update to bad review i left. I recieved the wrong product in the mail. Not a huge error. They sent caps instead of powder of the product i ordered. The order arrived a day or 2 later than i wanted and when i opened it i was furious. Due to the items i figured i would not be able to return them. I sent an email and knew (wrongly) that i was going to be stuck with the wrong product. They emailed me back within 24 hours and took care of everything. They shipped the correct order immediately and sent a shipping label to send the wrong product back. I was amazed and now embarrassed by the angry review i gave them. I can say that this company has great customer service and values their customers, takes reaponsibilty for errors and makes sure their customers have a positive experience. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! Thank you guys! Sorry for the angry review. I should have waited for you to responde to my email before assuming you wouldnt take care of everything.

  4. Do you guys have the devils horned green sumatrin in stock? I would like to order but want to verify its NOT on backorder and will get to me in 2-3 biz days. Please e mail me back

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